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Air Mail Special - Jim Glay on Drums


Choo Choo Chi-Boogie


This is a recording that I recently did with the group Air Mail Special. The ensemble is based in Chicago and performs at clubs, society parties, and corporate events. There are seven members in the group and the instrumentation is vibes, piano, trumpet, saxophone, bass, and drums. Three of the members share vocals.

This particular cut was recorded at our rehearsal room. The instrumental track laid down was the second run through. The vocals were recorded later at a local recording studio. This tune captures only a fraction of what the group is capable of.

Many of the tunes the group performs are arranged to allow for as much improvisation as possible. A number of tunes call for the extensive use of " trading fours." That being said, the group prides itself on being known as " a great dance band."

Air Mail Special does material covering a wide spectrum of artists and songs. It's not uncommon to hear songs from Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Benny Goodman, Louis Prima, and Louis Jordan-- all in one set. Playing in this band is truly a joyful experience.


Cow Cow Boogie





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